An open letter to the guy who date transgender women

First, I want to express my appreciation to guys who are willing to date transgender women. I know how difficult for a transgender woman to find a guy for dating. Life for transgender people is harder than anyone else, they are lonely in their lives. Thanks to your understanding and acceptance on transgender people, life for transgender people is better than ever before.

If you are a man who are looking for a transgender woman for dating or hookup, I want to tell you that, no matter what are you dating for and who are you date with, please respect your dating partner. Although most of transgender women are long for a life time relationship, short term relationship and hookup are also acceptable for them. The same as all women, they are easy to get hurt, they should be loved in all relationships. If you are date transgender women for hookup and short term relationships, please don't treat them as tools to meet your dating needs. They are real women, they have their own thoughts and feelings when dating with a man. Please don't force them to do something they don't want, dating is a two-side activity, both you and your partner should be comfortable in this process. In trans dating, respect is the key to attract transgender women, it is even more important than love sometimes, especially in short term relationships.

If you are a man who is dating transgender women seriously for a long term relationship, thank you a lot. Thanks for your acceptance and understanding on transgender women, thanks for your love to all transgender women. Although transgender people are accepted by more and more people, only few people are willing to date transgender people for life time relationships. This is the biggest reason why many transgender women are still singles. I'm not a transgender woman, but I hope you guys can respect and love transgender women. When you dating a transgender woman you will find that they are easy to get on with, and they are easy to be satisfied. Most of transgender women never ask for too much when dating a man, your love is the best gift for them.

If you are the one who is in a love relationship with a trans woman, I want to share some of my opinions on trans dating with you. I didn't know anything about trans dating until the day I started to search trans dating and trans people online. At first, I was curious about transgender dating and transgender people, so I wanted to know more about them. As the deep understanding on them, I want to try my best to help all transgender people to change their living and dating situations. I know that I'm not powerful enough to reach this goal, but I can try my best to change people's misunderstanding on transgender people at least. I'm so happy that you guys can accept transgender women and date transgender women for serious relationships. I will keep doing my best to help all transgender people to meet their dating partners online.