Hard experience of becoming a transgender beauty queen

Camille Anderson took part in many beauty pageants and she had hardly ever won a place before in her hometown Los Angeles, USA. But this is different, because her biggest dream is to become a champion in an international beauty pageant. Last March, Camille Anderson has represented the US taking part in the largest global transgender pageant. Even if a Thai contestant Mo Jiratchaya, was elected as Miss International Queen. Anderson has no regrets about taking part in the beauty pageant. As Anderson told to CNN interview, she was nervous and frightened in the pageant. “You walk in heels day and night. It’s like a test,” she said, and adding that all the contestants have to be deal with that as they will be the focus.

In fact, Miss International Queen is not only the key event with an excellent catwalks, but also experience nine intensive days including meetings, media interviews, costume fittings, glamorous photo shoots and so on. "Whatever happens, it was an unforgettable experience." Anderson said.

Her former name was Mark Cordeta and she was an effeminate boy living in Tacloban City, Philippines in 25 years ago. According to him, he often surreptitiously wear his mother's clothes when he was about eight years old. At that time, he preferred spending time with girls. His family notices his difference and they just believe that he was gay. Anderson also says that she believes she was different and thinks her childhood was a mess. Her family avoid talking about this topic, and she would not mention this topic.

For the same reason, Mark decided to hide his true self in order to avoid being bullied by schoolmates and playmates. However, he started demonstrating his true self since he immigrated with his family to the US when he was 21. When he was 23, he was ready to be a woman. After the hormone therapy and some cosmetic procedures, he succeeded in becoming a woman.

In the initial stage of transition, she had to stay away herself from her friends and family because she was different from her friends. But eventually they changed their minds and supported her.

And Anderson met her true love and married to him after a few years of the transition. By the way, her husband supported her to compete in beauty pageants. And after marriage, she worked as a nurse and enjoy her life with her husband in Torrrance, California. Anderson also admits that without her husband's support, she would be not confident enough to participate in beauty pageants. Camille has been elected as beauty queen in three local and national pageants: Miss Los Angeles Pride 2014, Queen USA 2014 and Queen of the Universe 2015.

When it comes to visibility of transgender community, Anderson says that more and more trans people are accepted and respected by human beings. But at the same time "some people are still hate trans women, so you have to keep strong" Anderson said.