How do people identify themselves as transgender?

In the beginning, this was a common concern. Because many people believe that the reason these trans people want to be transgender woman is not because they are born with this idea, but because they are influenced by their upbringing. In fact, transgender people like us want to be transgender woman or man when we are still toddlers. For other transgender people, maybe they don't realize they are transgender people until they are old. Whether or not people define themselves as transgender is entirely due to their own ideas. Maybe it's hard to have this kind of view of yourself when you first realize you're ladyboy. This is not a big problem, because many people have similar situations.

For example, when I was still a teenager, I began to realize that my gender and my psychological gender did not match. It was a very strange feeling for me at that time. Although physically I am a man, I really want to admit that I really want to be a girl. Of course, no one ever told me that I could be a transgender person at a time when people didn't know anything about trans people.

Becoming a real transgender girl requires much more than the pain of various surgeries. We also have to put up with people like us discrimination and insults. When I was younger, I was still angry about things like this, but as I got older, I realized that just being apart didn't really work. I began to fight for the rights of people like ladyboy people, and I dared to fight against the voices that questioned us.

As a child, I was often bullied for my femininity by hateful people who would belittle me based on my supposed male gender. It hurt my soul badly. Now I've come out of this trauma and come out in public as a real woman. I am an adult, so I have the right to choose my body, my name, and I can identify my gender. This is a great thing for me. Although I grew up in a terrible environment, I'm glad that I found my true self as well.

When I first came out in the public eye as a transgender person, it was hard to imagine what I was going through growing up. Society is very unfriendly to trans people, but that doesn't stop me from becoming the person I want to be.

For the first time, I felt the power within myself, the voice that made me stronger, so strong that I no longer had to worry about people questioning me or what they thought of me. The current society is still very unfriendly to transgender people, but I will use my power to make other transgender people enjoy the same rights in this society.

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