Questions not to ask in trans dating

Transgender dating is a new trend in our life today. If you haven't had transgender dating before, you may don't know how to start a ts dating, and what to talk about when date a trans person? I list some questions that you should not to ask in trans dating, I hope these advice can be helpful for newbies of trans dating.

How much I need to pay you?

Don't ask this question in trans dating, especially when you date a trans woman. You may know something about transgender people from movies, and you have misunderstandings on transgender people. I want to mention that trans dating is not the porn and dirty deal. Most transgender people on trans dating app are looking for a stable relationship, not everyone want to hookup. Will you ask this question when you date a cisgender woman? If no, please don't ask in trans dating. Treat trans women as real women, they need to be respected and loved. If you ask this questions in trans dating, it means you just want to have a hookup with them.

Are you a man or woman?

Many cisgender people not very clear about transgender people's gender. If you want to date a trans person, you need to know that trans women are female, and trans men are male. They are the same as cisgender people. Some people think it is nothing wrong to ask their gender in trans dating, but if you wouldn't ask this question when date a cisgender girl, please don't ask a trans woman as well. Many people also wondering that whether transgender people are gay or lesbian, I want to mention again, transgender women are real women who only date men, transgender men are real men who only date women. In this way, trans dating is the same as ordinary dating.

Have you ever had sex with cisgender people?

It's rude to ask this questions in trans dating. Trans dating is often associated with porn industry, but actually, trans dating is as pure as other dating. If you ask this question when date a trans person, it shows that you treat them as special human, not men or women. It the same as misgender transgender people in trans dating. It is rude to ask talk anything about sex when you first date a trans person. If you want to have a stable long-term relationship with trans people, you should pay attention to what you said in trans dating.

Are you a virgin?

Many people ask this question when date a trans woman. You should know that not all trans women had transition surgery, so not all trans women have women's body. If you ask this question when date a trans woman, she may don't want to date with you any more. This is a private thing for all women, you shouldn't ask this question when you first meet a woman. Pay attention to your words and acts in trans dating, then you can attract more beautiful trans women in dating.