Questions that you need to stop asking trans men

Due to the influence of famous transgender men and women, more and more people choose to change their gender once they are uncomfortable with the one they were assigned with. I always want to know what's the feeling of being a trans man? After chatting with some trans men, I know that they don't want to be asked the following questions.

1. Are you a lesbian?

When you ask this question, you need to pay attention to the word "lesbian", It refers to women not men. You should know that sexual identity and gender identity are different from each other. Some trans men may even don't clear about this until physical transition. Trans men are real men, they want to date and marry real women.

2. Have you undergone surgery?

Not all transgender people want to have the surgery and make physical change. Gender confirmation surgery is not easy in many countries, it's an expensive and time-consuming process. Not every trans men can afford the surgery, and not every trans men is ready to change their body. It's not easy for trans men to find a perfect dating partner. especially trans men who didn't undergo surgery. They are more easy to be rejected in trans dating without any reasons.

3. Does testosterone have any side effects?

Many trans men taking testosterone for physical changes, it makes emotional changes too.This plays an important part in a relationship. Hormone treatment is a new start of life for trans men, they may change a lot after hormone treatment. The same as date cis gender people, you need to know about he's feeling when dating a trans man. So, if you want to start a relationnship with trans men, please don't ask this questions. Hormone replacement ia an important step for trans men to become the real men, if you really want to date trans man, just accept their changes.

4. Are you more feminine than cisgender men?

Some trans men may feel that they are more feminine than cisgender men, because they were live as female for many years, they really know about women's world. Most trans men are quite aware of their behaviour and actions. They've lived as women, and they've experienced everything about women. When they date with girls, they will change themselves to make their dates feel comfortable, and they know how to meet the needs of most girls. It doesn't mean all trans men do the same in dating, some trans men never live as women, they were live as guys when they were very young, so they do the same as cisgender men when dating girls.

5. How to have sex?

This is the question that most people want to ask, and it is a sensitive question. There are different forms of sex, and trans men can also enjoy the different forms of sex. For trans men who don't take hormone treatment, sex may difficult for them. But all problems can be solved through communication, communicate with your partner, whether they can accept who you are and what you do.